Wonderful review of the 2nd Notebook Computer Material Innovation Summit Forum

2021-05-19 88

In recent years, consumer electronic products such as laptops have pursued "extreme lightness". Light metals such as aluminum-magnesium alloys, magnesium-aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, and magnesium-lithium alloys have become hot spots for structural parts. The increasing demand for personalized and differentiated products has given birth to the development and application of new surface treatment technologies.

At the meeting, Manager He of Shanghai Kindoe New Materials Tech Co.,Ltd introduced nano-ceramic surface treatment technology for laptop products. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional surface treatment of notebooks. For example, the traditional treatment process of magnesium alloy notebooks uses film/micro-arc oxidation + spraying. Such a surface treatment process may cause the paint layer to fall off in the later stage of magnesium alloy notebooks. In addition, Mr. He also compared a series of traditional processes. The magnesium alloy surface treatment solution provided by Kindoe is black MAO+ spraying. The black MAO meets environmental protection requirements. This solution can solve the problem of black/dark laptop falling paint and whitening. Problems can be mass-produced.

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